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Do you buy candles but think they are too beautiful to burn?

Do you want a candle that lights your room with wonderful colours and fragrance?

Do you want a candle whose light can be enjoyed again and again?

Hand made, in the heart of the Potteries in Staffordshire, the Newman-Curtis Candle is created solely from wax – the decorations are applied by a process of hand-carving, hand-dipping and ┬áhand-painting in wax so that the translucent colours in the wax shine through.

The candle melts on the inside, leaving the decorative outer shell to be enjoyed time after time.

The candle fills the room with beautiful illuminations and fragrance.

When the inner wax has burnt away the hand decorated shell remains – use an LED tea light and enjoy again.


Hand-made, hand-decorated, hand-crafted